Report: NBC 'made' Trump, gave $500,000 to foundation, muzzled negative news

Source: Washington Examiner | May 10, 2016 | Paul Bedard

Americans can credit — or blame — NBC for creating Donald Trump, the product of years of positive coverage, donations to his foundation and two successful entertainment teams, “The Apprentice,” and “Miss USA,” according to a new report on the relationship.

“NBC news made Donald Trump into “‘the ultimate businessman,'” said the report for the Media Research Center’s business division.


According to MRC Business, “From 2004-2015, the network dubbed Trump ‘King of the Universe,’ touted his ‘divine’ nature in a Miss USA scandal, promoted his business during the Today show and even urged a voter to write him in on a presidential election ballot. During that time, NBC barely covered his flops as a businessman and failed to disclose its partnerships with him in critical stories.”

In promoting Trump, which in turn helped NBC’s bottom line during their relationship, the network produced an overwhelming number of positive news stories about the real estate tycoon.


“NBC lionized Trump with 21 times more positive than negative stories. The network also severely underreported his failures as a businessman, which included Trump Network, Trump Mortgage, Trump Magazine, and many others. From 2004 through the beginning of 2015, NBC promoted Trump’s business and his success with 320 stories, but only covered his failures 15 times. In 13 of the 15 stories on Trump’s flops, the network failed to disclose its business partnerships with him,” said the report written by Sam Dorman.

It also indicates that the network crossed standard ethical barriers in promoting Trump, including donating $500,000 to his foundation, filming Trump in a positive light from his buildings and pushing voters to write him in for president.


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