Republicans Hate These 7 Things About Democrats

Source: Conservative News Blog | 4.15.2016 | Ben Shapiro

Republicans Hate These 7 Things About Democrats. The Trump Campaign Is All Of Them.

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When conservatives think about what they most hate about the left, several factors come to mind: their racist appeals, their whining social justice warrior nonsense, their distinct willingness to attack conservative women, their consistent stream of lies, their perversion of buzzwords.

Those things do not become good just because a Republican does them. They are nasty in and of themselves. Yet the Trump campaign is almost purely a mash-up of these ugly traits. Here are 7 behaviors that make conservatives rightly despise leftism – but that conservatives seem more than willing to overlook in Trump:

Whining About The Rules. Democrats’ entire party platform is predicated on whining about the Constitution of the United States. They firmly believe that anything they don’t like must be barred by the Constitution, and anything they do like must be mandated by it. This is true of rule of law, too: if Democratic allies riot, Democrats say the law is unfair. If certain constituencies end up in jail, they blame the criminal justice system and calls the rules corrupt. If certain constituencies end up poor, they blame “the system” rather than individual choices.

That’s all Donald Trump does lately. Instead of whining about the Constitution, he’s whining about the delegate rules in Colorado and a caucus system that has been in place for approximately 104 years. It’s not about him making bad decisions – it’s about the rules being unfair. Even though he knew them.

Pandering On The Basis Of Race. Barack Obama has been the most racially divisive president of my lifetime. He’s sicced his Attorney General on unsuspecting police departments, armed with no evidence of racism but a self-righteous certainty that law enforcement must be punished. He’s said that America carries racism in our DNA. He’s said that Trayvon Martin could have been his son, and he’s justified rioting. Now, Hillary Clinton does the same, undercutting her husband’s crime-fighting legacy to pander to members of the black community, some of whom would undoubtedly be dead if not for the Clinton crackdown on crime.

In response, Donald Trump has engaged in racial turnabout as fair play,

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  • slhancock1948 #4634

    It is curious to me that with all the leftists who are coming out to support Trump that the conservatives in his camp are not wondering what it is that they are missing….but they won’t listen to reasoned dialogue, either. They have their candidate and in spite of his foul mouth, his threats against other people’s lives (what else can you really call it?), and his utter nonsense about policy they will not budge. I’m praying that Tuesday is his knockout day, that Cruz wins NY over Trump and Kasich and that Trump loses all sanity.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    ConstitutionalConservative #4666

    Trump always has been, always will be a progressive liberal socialist democrat, all the basic traits apply just check them off.

    1. Whining About The Rules: ✔

    2. Pandering On The Basis Of Race: ✔ Trump is a grievance-monger for poor white blue collar workers

    3. Playing Social Justice Warrior: ✔ Trump whining about the Colorado caucuses

    4. The Microaggression Culture: ✔ Trump calls on his fans to rough up protesters who disagree with him. (soon we may see full scale riots on his behalf)

    5. Vicious Smearing Of Women: ✔

    6. Lying For The Sake Of Lying: ✔

    7. Perverting Buzzwords: ✔ he takes meaningful phrases and words and injects them with brain feces

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