Republicans Will Either Abandon Trump or See the Country Abandon the GOP

Source: The Resurgent | June 7, 2016 | Erick Erickson

The Republican Party is on the verge of being set back a generation because of its Presidential nominee. If Republican Party officials do not man up and publicly repudiate their nominee, the voters will repudiate the GOP as the voters did in 2006. This time, however, it will be far more costly with far more long term damage. Thus far Lindsey Graham is the only major Republican to walk back his pledge of support for Trump, but his views reflect those of several dozen Republican governors, senators, and congressmen too chicken to speak out.

The Republican Party leadership is, like so often before, so focused on not angering anyone that everyone is angry with them. Right now, though, what is most shocking and demoralizing is that party leaders actually know the right thing to do and will not do it. They know Donald Trump’s attacks on Judge Curiel are way over the line. They know Donald Trump’s willingness to double down on war crimes is way over the line. They know Donald Trump’s support of a minimum wage increase and protectionist policies are economic disasters waiting to happen. His campaign has taken to threatening individuals including the wife of David French.

But what’s more, Republican Party officials privately are already conceding that with Donald Trump the party does face annihilation. Only Lindsey Graham is willing to say it publicly, but others in the upper levels of the party know it too.


That’s only the beginning. It is going to be brutal. But consider this fact: we have not even gotten to those attacks yet and we already have enough information to disqualify Trump.


At some point, the good of the country demands Republican leaders exercise leadership against Trump. To hell with what a plurality of mostly non-Republican voters demanded in the Republican Party. The Republican Party’s long term survival is at stake and, frankly, the good of the country far outweighs demands of loyalty to a racist.


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    I have already abandoned the GOP, I did realign myself with it again but only because of my support for Ted Cruz. I sincerely hope he does not attempt to run again as a republican I think that would be the ruin of him.
    He has the wherewithal to quickly build a highly successful new and entirely different party; a party focused on our constitution, that could sweep him into the WH in 2020. The republican party has strayed so far from its foundation it is unrecognizable and unrepairable, like the Whigs it is ready for the ash heap of history.

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