Retire the Word Establishment

Source: Conservative Review | May 11, 2016 | Amanda Carpenter


There is no easy way of describing who will and who will not support Trump using the old “establishment” and “conservative” labels.  That’s because it’s a question of conscience, not necessarily ideology.  And, there should be a word for those who will defend Trump at any cost.

I suggest “partyist.”


The partyists belief in the importance of the party as an organism unto itself allows them to look past what should be Trump’s unforgivable actions and vote for him anyway.  Partyists are willing to go along with whatever the party head, who is now Trump, says for the sake of the party.

And Trump readily displays his eagerness to dismiss conservatives and remake the party in his own vision.

In an interview with This Week Trump said he didn’t feel the need to unite conservatives with the party because “don’t forget, this is called the Republican Party. It’s not called the Conservative Party. You know, there are Conservative Parties. This is called the Republican Party.”

And no one knows what the Republican Party will be with Trump as its leader.

But, the partyists are willing to pledge their loyalty to it anyway.

That’s the problem conservatives now face.

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    I solved this problem. I disaffiliated from the Republican Party on Monday. Now, I owe no loyalty to the party that is nominating stump.

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    And I will never again vote for anything that endorses stump. They must pay.

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