Roaming Houston tiger found after week-long search

Source: The Hill | May 16, 2021 | Celine Castronuovo

The Houston Police Department announced on Saturday that it had located a Bengal tiger nearly a week after it was last seen roaming around a residential neighborhood. 

The department announced in a tweet that the tiger had been “found and appears to be unharmed.”

In a subsequent post, police commander Ronald Borza was seen in a video petting the nine-month-old tiger, named “India.” 

The commander in a press conference Saturday evening told reporters that the woman seen in the video feeding and hugging the tiger was the wife of Victor Hugo Cuevas, the 26-year-old owner of the tiger who was taken into custody last week.

Cuevas was charged with evading arrest after he was allegedly seen putting the tiger in an SUV and fleeing his mother’s house in Richmond, Texas. 

Borza said that the wife, whom he identified as Gia, contacted police on Saturday and “wanted to turn the tiger over to us.” 


“The animal likes attention, but in no way, shape or form should you have an animal like that in your household,” he said, adding that the young tiger currently already weighs 175 pounds, but could get up to 600 pounds at full size. 

Borza told reporters that after the tiger was located and transferred to the police department, it was taken to the city’s animal shelter. 

The commander added that the tiger is scheduled to be transported to a local animal sanctuary on Sunday, where Borza said India will “hopefully” live “the rest of his life in a very safe environment.” 


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    So glad this tiger was found and is now safe. Of course, it could have injured or killed someone, but the tiger too was in danger as long as it was roaming free. These men who think having a tiger makes them more manly ought to be arrested and thrown into the slammer. Having a tiger or any wild animal as a pet is abuse.

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