Romney on voting for Trump over Biden: ‘No, no, no, absolutely not’

Source: The Hill | February 29, 2024 | Sarah Fortinsky

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) he would “absolutely not” vote for former President Trump over President Biden in November, pointing to Trump’s foreign policy views and his character.

“No. No, no, absolutely not,” Romney told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on “The Source” on Wednesday, when asked whether he would support Trump over Biden.

Romney explained there are “two factors” he is using to decide “who I want to have as the leader of my country and the person who is the example of the president for my kids and my grandkids.” Policy and character, he said are both vital, but claimed the latter is most important.

“What America is as a nation, what has allowed us to be the most powerful nation on Earth,” Romney said. “And the leader of the Earth is the character of the people who have been our leaders, past presidents, but also mothers, fathers, church leaders, university presidents, and so forth.”

“Having a president who is so defaulted of character would have an enormous impact on the character of America,” he added. “And for me, that’s the primary consideration.”

Romney, who ran for president in 2012 and secured the GOP nomination, said position and policies is another category that factors into his selection for president.

“On foreign policy, I’m not aligned with Donald Trump, at least as I understand his policy,” he said. “And domestic policy, yeah, aligned with many of his domestic policies.”

But the Utah Republican stressed his fundamental policy differences with Trump, who Romney said “shows more respect for [Russian President] Vladimir Putin than Vladimir Putin deserves.”

Romney added that he disagrees with GOP candidate Nikki Haley, the last remaining challenger to Trump in the 2024 GOP primary, who said she did not think the former president could win the general election against Biden.

He predicted Trump might win the election, if it were held today, but said that would result in “a dramatic change in our foreign policy.”

“I think that people around the world say, okay, America is no longer the leader of the free world, and the arsenal of democracy,” the senator said. “It’s not the shining city on a hill. It’s now an isolated island.”


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