Rubio tells Minnesota backers Cruz ‘only conservative left in the race’

Source: Twin Cities Pioneer Press | March 16, 2016 | David Montgomery

Former presidential candidate Marco Rubio told a group of Minnesota supporters Wednesday he is hoping one of the remaining candidates for president will stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination — and that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz could be the best option for conservatives.

Rubio, who dropped out of the race Tuesday after losing his home state of Florida, didn’t endorse any of his former rivals in a conference call with dozens of Minnesota supporters. In the call, he explained his decision to leave the race and why he felt his presidential campaign didn’t do better, and suggested he might run for office again at some point in the future.


“Winning a general election with a nominee that a significant percentage of the base thinks stole it, even though you did it through the rules of the RNC, would be pretty much fatal for the party,” Rubio said, though he added that many Republicans will not vote for Trump, either.


He didn’t endorse either Texas Sen. Ted Cruz or Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the two other remaining candidates. But Rubio praised Cruz as “the only conservative left in the race.”


Minnesota was one of only three primaries or caucuses Rubio won in his year-long presidential campaign and the only state he won. His other wins were in Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.


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    Rubio, I hope you know what sinks you is the Gang of Eight bill you helped create.

    Consistent #2753

    Consistent #2754

    EVERYDAY #2755

    If it wasn’t for his stance on illegal immigration, I might have been ok with Rubio as president. He does have some conservative values. But right now I wouldn’t want him within a mile of the Oval Office. I don’t trust Rubio at all.

    The Trumpbots are all over Ted Cruz’s Facebook page pretending to be concerned Cruz supporters, urging Cruz to unite with Rubio to defeat Trump. I sure hope Cruz and his staff do not fall for this scam.

    slhancock1948 #2756

    Thank you, Senator Rubio! It’s a little late, but with God’s help, maybe Cruz will still win. I am dreading what would come out in a Trump vs Hillary campaign. You know that she has goods on him that nobody else has access to…and maybe that no one else was looking for.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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