Rush Limbaugh Admits he is Unable to Do His Job when it Comes to Trump

Source: Red State | March 30, 2016 | Leon H. Wolf

I don’t think there’s really another way to characterize what he apparently said on his show today. According to Politico (I don’t have audio yet, but will work to get it as soon as I can), Limbaugh spent time today addressing the furor caused by his remarks yesterday about the Michelle Fields/Corey Lewandowski incident, some of which we covered here.

Apparently, in addition to saying that the whole thing was a political attack on Trump, Limbaugh went on to say that the fact that CNN was airing the video at all was evidence that CNN wants to “destroy Trump” (which is a ludicrous assertion for anyone who actually watches CNN, as I do almost all day every day), and basically complained that it was unfair for CNN to have a Cruz spox and a Kasich spox up against Katrina Pierson to discuss the issue yesterday.

As you might have predicted, people were not amused, and so Rush today basically threw in the towel:

The Lewandowski-Fields incident “may not be the only subject about which I have to muzzle my own self here, and silence myself at least from the standpoint of opinions,” he contended.

Rush Limbaugh’s job is to be correctly and properly understood when it comes to conservative politics. He’s been doing it for about 3 decades now with no apparent problem in making himself understood. And I think he’s making himself perfectly well understood during this primary season as well. He just doesn’t like the fact that for the first time in his history, a significant portion of his audience is pushing back, and so he’s trying to walk the line and pretend that he doesn’t think what he clearly does think.


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    slhancock1948 #3463

    I’m personally tired of the whole thigh but let the courts settle what happened and let’s get back to getting on with this primary season and getting Cruz elected. This IS a distraction that doesn’t need to be.

    I’m sick of how Rush has handled the whole primary season by giving Trump 3 hours of coverage every day. SICK of it. I am writing to let him know I will not be resubscribing to his program.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    ConservativeGranny #3469

    I haven’t listened to Rush for many months now and did not renew my 24/7 subscription. I couldn’t stand the constant Trump, Trump, Trump talk.

    I took that money and subscribed to Levin TV instead. I am enjoying that much more. I don’t dislike Rush I just don’t like the show any longer. I wasn’t enjoying it and it was making me angry. It wasn’t offering me anything of substance. I don’t know if I will ever listen again or not. I just feel like I’ve moved on.

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