San Antonio bans Chick-fil-A from airport over 'anti-LBGTQ behavior'

Source: The Hill | March 22, 2019 | Owen Daugherty

Popular fast food chain Chick-fil-A has reportedly been barred from opening a new location in the San Antonio, Texas, airport.

The San Antonio City Council on Thursday voted 6-4 to pass a new concessions agreement that excludes Chick-fil-A, citing the company’s anti-LGBTQ donations and history, according to the San Antonio Current.

“With this decision, the City Council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion,” Councilman Roberto C. Treviño told the news outlet in a statement. “San Antonio is a city full of compassion, and we don’t have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior.”

A Chick-fil-A concession stand had been one of 10 concepts proposed to take up space in a terminal

Chick-fil-A told NBC 4 San Antonio in a statement that the decision is “disappointing.”

“We would have liked to have had a dialogue with the city council before this decision was made,” the statement read. “We agree with Councilmember Treviño that everyone is and should feel welcome at Chick-fil-A. We plan to reach out to the city council to gain a better understanding of this decision.”


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  •  EVERYDAY #28546

    Bunch of idiots — keeping out a good employer bringing some jobs into the airport not to mention tax revenue, all because council doesn’t want to offend a noisy minority of perverts and malcontents. I wonder how many of the voters agree with this decision.

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