SC Sends a Message of Tough Love, part 2

Source: Conservative Review | 23 Feb.2016 | Steven Deace

As a Christian I revel in absolutes. I’m not big on shades of gray. It’s why I use so much data in my analysis, because numbers are constants while opinions are variables. 

But a worldview predicated on absolutes comes with a catch. You must be willing to apply them to yourself, your biases, and your preferences as well, and not just heap them upon those you don’t agree with. This is one of those times. 

I am a proud Ted Cruz supporter. I want to see him be the next President of the United States, and have spent almost every waking hour when not on the air or spending private time with my family doing whatever I can to make that happen. I’m also an evangelical. The five solas of the Protestant Reformation are the foundation of my own worldview, my work, and form the core of my being. 

Unfortunately, the troubling numbers out of the South Carolina primary on Saturday are sending both of my native tribes a message of tough love. And if we ignore them we are doomed to repeat them. One of them is political and the other is spiritual. 

Today we look at the spiritual message. Yesterday we looked at the political one. 

For months now I’ve had countless liberal media members incredulously asking me why Trump is doing well with evangelicals. Though many of these people are unbelievers, their question reveals some level of reverence for the faith nonetheless. 

Because what they’re essentially saying – especially after Trump won evangelicals in South Carolina of all places – is this: “I thought you Christians stood for something better than this.”

It’s not just Trump’s adulteries and divorces. I wasn’t a virgin on my wedding night, and I’ve previously shared that I was fully engrossed in the porn culture like many men of my generation. Nor is it the many lies Trump has told on the campaign trail. I’ve told lies before, too. Neither is it Trump’s vulgar language. I lose control of my tongue at times as well. And it’s not even his liberal positions 

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  • slhancock1948 #1488

    I agree that Cruz needs to get the message out, but he still has to avoid personal attacks. He needs to compare what salvation is as opposed to “God loves us all, we do not need the cross”.

    This was a powerful message by Deace.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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