Scott Walker Needs To Endorse Ted Cruz

Source: Right Wisconsin | March 18, 2016 | James Wigderson

It’s time for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to endorse Texas Senator Ted Cruz. When Walker withdrew from the presidential campaign trail, he called on other Republicans to consider dropping out to unite the anti-Trump forces around one candidate. His advice was ignored then and Donald Trump has built a delegate lead while the field sorted itself out.

There are only two Republican challengers to Trump remaining now, and only one of them, Cruz, has a chance of winning the nomination outright. Strong showings by Cruz can also prevent Trump from getting the necessary 1237 delegates needed to have a majority before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, on the other hand, cannot win the nomination before the convention and polls indicate he will only hurt the anti-Trump cause. Kasich can only draw enough support away from Cruz to prevent the senator from taking states away from Trump.

It’s hard to tell what game Kasich is playing. By joining Trump in withdrawing from the last Republican debate, Kasich actually helped Trump and missed an opportunity to get the attention he supposedly wants for his own campaign. Is he running for Vice President? Or is he making himself the “next in line” in 2020? Or does he just want to avoid controversy between now and the convention?

Regardless, it’s frustrating to see prominent Republicans like former Governor Tommy Thompson supporting Kasich. It’s worse than Quixotic, it’s political malpractice.

That’s why it’s so important for Walker to endorse Cruz now. Yes, Walker’s popularity is down, but within the Republican base the governor’s endorsement has the weight to swing many Republicans to the Cruz cause.


…. As recently as March 7th, The Daily Caller was reporting that Walker was weighing whether to endorse a candidate before the Republican Primary. Walker also told The Daily Caller, “And I think for the candidates I might be inclined to endorse, nobody would be surprised in that, I haven’t endorsed, [but] I’m probably handily more aligned politically with the two senators — Cruz and Rubio, but I’m not going to make an endorsement one over the other.”
Rubio’s gone and Trump still remains. Walker needs to endorse Cruz now to save Wisconsin’s delegates from going to Trump. It’s in Walker’s best interests, and the country’s best interests.
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  • Consistent #2799

    I hope Scott Walker will do the right thing.

    silver pines #2822

    I hope Scott Walker will do the right thing.

    Same here. It’s time for everyone to stop dithering and unite around Cruz.

    ConservativeGranny #2830

    I don’t know what Walker will do but I can tell you that he will endorse whomever the GOP tells him to endorse. I think if Rubio was still in the race it would have been his choice.

    He is also very close with Paul Ryan and Priebus. Walker is a fiscal type of Conservative not so much on the social issues though. He does need to make a choice before the April primary if he is going to endorse anyone. I highly doubt it will be Trump but he won’t go against the party’s wishes either.

    As for how WI will go I have no idea.

    slhancock1948 #2838

    Conservative Granny, I pray that you are wrong, but I have to say that I agree with your assessment of Walker. While I believe he is a good christian, he doesn’t take much of a stand on social issues. It would be disastrous if he backed Kasich.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    silver pines #2876

    ConservativeGranny, those were my concerns about Walker from the beginning.

    That said, I could have voted for him if it had been necessary to do so. But never Trump.

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