Sean Hannity forced to admit Ted Cruz had ZERO connection with Melania Trump ad

Source: Red State | March 24, 2016 | goldwaterconservative

Anyone who listens to Sean Hannity’s radio show or watches his television program knows how pro-Trump he is. He never says anything negative about Trump, nor will he allow others to without interrupting them and shutting them down. As a result, Trump has been friendly in return and has granted Hannity many interviews, which means high ratings.

Yesterday, in his rush to carry Trump’s water, Hannity made a false statement regarding the Melania Trump/Heidi Cruz saga and was forced to correct himself later on Twitter.



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  • Consistent #3169

    Shame on you, Sean!

    Woodcutter #3171

    Shows how these so-called conservative talk show guys (Hannity, Limbaugh, etc.) don’t really have strong conservative principles at all, but are just saying whatever gets them the highest ratings. Just like Trump himself, they are hitting the “hot buttons.”

    rodamala #3173

    Every day when I leave the office I get in the truck and Hannity is on. There is one real lowbrow NY goomba sounding guy Sean brings on and he just spews and spews and spews for Trump and against Cruz… I have to turn it off.

    Yesterday, I felt relieved and Mark Simone was filling in, and he always seems nice and reasonable… I listened as he constantly tried to shut down all tose that might have something positive to say about Cruz.

    It’s bad.

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