SEC Primary is Either the Rebirth of Reagan Conservatism or Liberalisms Greatest

Source: Soshable | 28 Feb. 2016 | JD Rucker


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As Donald Trump’s policies (other than immigration) continue to migrate further and further to the left, we’re witnessing a double-whammy against conservatism. It’s the type of unfathomable circumstance that will have conspiracy theorists postulating that Trump was a double agent for the Democrats all along.

The double-whammy manifests in two scenarios that seemed extremely unlikely a few months ago. The first one is obvious: a Democratic victory in November. With the weakest Democratic candidates possible following a disastrous Democratic Presidency under Barack Obama, this should have been the biggest GOP landslide since 1984. Instead we’re seeing the one scenario play out in which the Democrats can actually win: a Trump nomination.

The second unlikely scenario is less obvious. Those who are following the sentiment of the country in general and the GOP in particularly can see that true conservatism is being massacred from the inside. Trump is introducing his Republican supporters to ideas that would have been obtuse to them last year but that are now suddenly acceptable because Trump says it is. For example, the idea that we should abandon free trade and go with the Bernie Sanders ideology of fair trade through tariffs and the disavowing of a free market economy would have been ludicrous to Republicans before Trump. Now, we’re seeing more alleged “conservatives” embracing the idea behind the guise of bringing back jobs. It’s an insane concept that Republicans would want to embrace the Sanders/Trump perspective on trade because of how liberal it is (not to mention the economists’ opinion that it won’t work), but that’s exactly what’s happening.

Much of this is being driven by a false assumption. The anger towards the GOP Establishment and the broken promises they made to take control of the House and the Senate are being chalked up erroneously to blame the conservatives. This is silly, of course, because the few true conservatives in Congress are the ones trying to oppose the Establishment on these issues. Trump has changed that narrative and batched every Republican together as being part of the problem. At a time when we need more conservatives in Congress and a solid conservative in the White House, Trump has sold the notion that conservatism has been part of the problem all along. This argument only works on those who haven’t been paying attention in recent years, but unfortunately that group accounts for the majority of Americans.

Then, there’s Ted Cruz. Unlike most of his supporters, I’m not one to claim that he’s the perfect candidate. Then again, unlike many Republicans, I’m not one who believed that Ronald Reagan was a perfect President. Both Cruz and Reagan represent a belief that the Constitution must be defended as the backbone for our country’s greatness. Trump’s perspective is that he has better ideas than the ones that have made this country great for two centuries. It’s offensive to anyone who’s actually researching his proposals and realizing that they’re dangerous reinterpretations of liberalism framed into Republican talking points.

For example, let’s look at healthcare. The Republican talking point that will make his supporters cheer is that he’s going to repeal Obamacare. The liberal reinterpretation is that he plans on offering healthcare to everyone and that the government’s going to pay for it. He pulls at voters’ heartstrings by saying that “we can’t let people die in the streets.” Unfortunately, this is utterly ridiculous. Americans have a right to emergency care with or without Obamacare, Trumpcare, or any form of socialized healthcare. What Trump supports goes squarely against excellent plans proposed by Cruz and Ben Carson, but his supporters are falling for the liberal perspective instead of seeing the real solutions to make our healthcare system the best in the world.

Now more than ever, this country needs conservatism to make a comeback. It needs a strong Constitutional perspective in order to reverse the damage that has occurred over the last 28 years and particularly the catastrophic measures that have been implemented in the last seven. Voters have great reasons to be angry. Democratic liberalism and moderate Republican deal-making have sent this country down a dark path that leads to oblivion. It is only through embracing strong conservative principles that this country has any chance of returning to glory and realizing the greatness that we haven’t experienced since the 1980s.

The “SEC Primaries” on Super Tuesday represent one of two things: a turning point in the election cycle that can bring us back from the brink of liberal disaster or an abandonment of conservatism that will yield a liberal Trump Presidency or (more likely) an even more liberal Clinton Presidency. Some will say that Marco Rubio is conservative and can do much of the same that Cruz can do, but voting for him may be even worse than voting for Trump. It’s not that he’s worse than Trump, but his path to the nomination can only happen through a contested convention. He is going to have zero wins in March, including in his home state of Florida, and cannot mathematically beat Trump or Cruz in delegates. If he stays in and pushes this election cycle all the way to the convention, the party will be irreversibly splintered. At least with Trump we’ll only lose. With Rubio’s contested convention, we’ll be destroyed.

Nearly everything that Cruz has done since entering into public service as squarely aligned with the Reagan principles that defeated the USSR, that reinvigorated the strongest economy in the world, and that helped us maintain the values of conservatism that are proven to effectively make the country prosper. On the contrary, Trump has spent nearly six decades promoting liberal principles, making money off of the losses of Americans (yes, that’s how casinos work), and participating in the cronyism that he pretends to oppose.

If Cruz can pull out victories on Tuesday, his path to the nomination opens up dramatically. In Texas in particular, winning the vast majority of delegates would position him nicely, but he’ll still need strong delegate wins in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Trump’s anti-Reagan policies will push the country over the liberal edge we were led to by Obama. We won’t have to build a wall because nobody would be foolish enough to enter the shell of a country that Trump/Clinton liberalism will create. Only Ted Cruz’s Reaganesque conservatism can return this country to greatness. Trump’s sales pitch won’t hold up to reality.

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  • slhancock1948 #1793

    Yes, I think this is the determining factor! Where have we gone as a nation since 1980? We shall soon see. But no reason to give up on Cruz, yet. I still feel that God is testing him to show the people that he is a strong leader and worth their vote. Praying that he still comes through as the victor.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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