SELLING TREACHERY: Four Reversals, Two Days, One HUGE Donald Trump Betrayal

Source: Redstate | May 7, 2016 | Caleb Howe


In a period of less than 48 hours, Trump reversed himself in four spectacular betrayals that tell you volumes about what to expect. First, at around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday, literally minutes after Kasich’s speech, CNN aired Trump telling Wolf Blitzer that he had changed his mind and is now open to raising the minimum wage.

Next, just a couple of hours later, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump would not be self-funding his campaign anymore. You know, the thing he bragged about every day forever, including just a day before in Indiana. Done.

Then on Thursday morning at about 8:00 a.m., CNBC released video of an interview with Trump essentially renouncing his own tax plan.

And finally, later that same morning, it was revealed that the man picked to head up fundraising for his no longer self-funded campaign, Steve Mnuchin, is a former Goldman Sachs partner, serious Hillary donor, and most unbelievably, a former George Soros bigwig. Seriously.


Now, make no mistake, each of these are major reversals, and what’s more, they are entirely revealing. Take the minimum wage increase. Trump’s most rabid base is mad about job losses, about low incomes, and are invested in class warfare. But they are also bitter about race relations and the perceived unfair advantages given to minority groups. They hate talk of minimum wage increases when Democrats do it, because they see it as some sort of affirmative action, but when presented by Trump as a way of increasing income to them they’re willing to swallow the pill.

He was softening the target. He got them to agree to a betrayal of their own prior convictions. It’s like a sales technique. Get them to say yes to something small and they’ll keep saying yes to bigger and bigger things. “Come on, high interest doesn’t really matter, what matters is your monthly payment.” Get them to betray themselves.


Of course, the really big one is that he won’t self-fund. Now, Trump people are already trying to spin that one, saying he never intended to self-fund the general, that he can’t possibly be expected to front that kind of money, but that’s all a huge load of crap. Trump’s voters heard what he told them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. They heard and believed and repeated ad nauseum that his self-funding was his biggest asset because it put him outside the system. It made him his own man. What’s more, those who were taking money from outside sources were considered to be owned by those sources. Trump explicitly stated time and again that his opponents were beholden to those who funded them. That they were owned and that he wasn’t. The reason he wasn’t owned was that he wasn’t taking the money.


But taken all together … well it’s not pretty. He has immediately destroyed his every core principle that isn’t related to immigration. Because that’s the big one, and he will betray his voters on it. But he has to work up to it. It’s called softening the target. It’s what salesmen do.

And man, did you Trumpers get sold.


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  • Consistent #5823

    EVERYDAY #5825

    Trump has been lying to his supporters all along, but his brainwashed supporters haven’t noticed. Even if you could point out Trump’s lies and empty promises, they will still believe in and support him.

    mostlyhomebound #5838

    Does anyone look at Satan’s website anymore (fr)? What does stump’s stooge (jr) think of all these? What does the stooge think of stunp’s “brilliant” idea that the US should negotiate our sovereign debt, offering bondholders less than 100% on the dollar? What about the other stoogettes?

    ConstitutionalConservative #5847

    Mostly Wrote:

    Does anyone look at Satan’s website anymore (fr)? What does stump’s stooge (jr) think of all these?

    What I think is if anyone starts a thread that looks even remotely negative on Trump they won’t even click on it, if they do then without reading a single word they just attack the poster.

    You know I don’t feel sorry anymore for those who are sticking around FR fighting the so-called good fight, that is now just an excuse for volunteering to be a punching bag. I remember reading somewhere in the bible “be ye separate and come out from among them, touch not the unclean thing”. What happens is you stop trying to persuade them then you start making excuse for them, then you start agreeing on some things and you acknowledge there are some good non-political stuff going on; that’s where they treat you a bit better and eventually you stop fighting and join them. It might happen ever so slowly but it will happen.
    That’s just what I think; I suppose I could be wrong.

    ConservativeGranny #5856

    It’s like battered-wife syndrome. If they are there it is because they want to be. They are now enablers for cult members.

    I can’t see what any conservative would find that is of value there. There are so many hours in a day. Time spent on FR is time wasted.

    Victoria #5858

    “One HUGE Donald Trump Betrayal”

    I don’t believe Trump has done a betrayal and here’s why:
    I keep the TV on all day so I have heard almost everything he ever said during his campaign and his opinions/plans/blather changed every day. If you heard him say he was for “X” and you didn’t hear him back off that the next day, you thought he was still for “X”. Months ago, I heard him say he would not use his money for the general election. So, he said it then but no one took note of that or remembers since he never closes his mouth and people can’t keep up with his verbose verbiage.

    How about the wall? Okay, he comes to the Texas border and won’t get off his plane as he isn’t sure he is safe. So, he finally gets off the plane and goes to the border, actually sees it. What does he say? He says there are places walls can’t be built. Why did he say that? Because the border is in the middle of the Rio Grande River. Did you hear him say that? I did. Does’ anyone else know or remember he said that? No, he went back to Trump Tower and is still saying he will build a great wall with a big door in it. He is lying and he knows he is lying but he does not care as people are voting for him to build that wall.

    After he is president, he will tell the truth about that wall, but he will be president by then and screw the people and that wall.

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