Sen. Ted Cruz responds to being a potential Supreme Court Justice

Source: CBS News | February 29, 2016 | Tim Perry

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“That is not a job I’m interested in.” Cruz said and added, “The job I’m interested in is appointing 3, 4, 5 Supreme Court justices, is defending the constitution.”

The Texas senator vowed that as president he would reverse the damages done by Barack Obama and that he would be “faithful and vigorous defending the constitution.”


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  • Consistent #1844

    Yes, we need Ted Cruz to lead in cleaning up the country morally and constitutionally.

    Victoria #1852

    If Cruz was President, he would not put his feet up on the desk in the oval office as Obama has done. George Bush did not enter that office unless he had on a suit and tie. He brought back the honor of that office after Clinton soiled it with Monica. Then we got Obama who had NO sense of honor about that office.

    Cruz would treat that office with the honor it deserves and he would make sure we had conservative judges appointed to the Supreme Court.

    If Cruz were President, I could relax for our country, knowing it was in the hands of a constructional professional.

    If Trump gets that office, it will be covered with gold plated walls and chandeliers. He is a fake with orange skin and convoluted facial expressions and he would destroy the dignity of that office.

    His orange face and convoluted facial expressions remind me of the devil.

    ConstitutionalConservative #1860

    Cruz just needs to stay in the race no matter what, I think the Trump campaign will blow up before the end of this primary.

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