Senate votes to reopen government after Trump agrees to end shutdown

Source: The Hill | January 25, 2019 | Jordain Carney

The Senate on Friday afternoon easily advanced a three-week funding bill to fully reopen the federal government hours after President Trump agreed to end the shutdown without securing money for a border wall.

The funding legislation cleared the chamber by a voice vote. The House is expected to pass the funding bill later Friday and send it to Trump’s desk for a signature.

The Senate vote came a day after the chamber rejected two proposals that would have reopened the government. But the calculus changed on Friday as federal workers impacted by the shutdown missed their second paycheck and news of delays at major airports across the country dominated the headlines.

Trump announced at the White House that he and congressional leaders had reached a deal that would reopen the roughly quarter of the government that closed Dec. 22 and fund it through Feb. 15.

The president added that after more than a month he had heard from enough Republicans and Democrats who were “willing to put partisanship aside — I think — and put the security of the American people first. I do believe they are going to do that.”

In exchange for Trump agreeing to fully reopen the government, Congress will form a conference committee to debate the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations bill, including border funding. The Senate formally went to conference Friday to try to hash out a DHS deal.


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