Senator Cory Gardner Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Source: Cruz News | April 27, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado endorsed Ted Cruz for President. Senator Gardner was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2005 and as Minority Whip in 2006. He was then elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 and now serves in the United States Senate.

“Ted Cruz has always been a fierce defender of the Constitution and a tireless advocate for conservative principles,” said Senator Gardner. “He has spent his entire career fighting for the men and women of this country and pushing back against the special interests in Washington. Ted is the only candidate who will change the way Washington works and restore the balance of power back to the American people. It’s time for Republicans to rally behind this campaign in order to put forth the best candidate to stop Hillary Clinton in November. I am confident Ted Cruz is that person and I’m thrilled to endorse him for President.”

“Cory has spent his time in Congress focused on improving the economy, creating jobs, and fighting for the people of Colorado,” said Cruz. “He has stood up and been a strong advocate for conservative principles like stopping the train wreck that is Obamacare and this dangerous deal the Obama administration struck with Iran. I am honored to have Cory’s support and look forward to working together to continue to coalesce Republicans around this campaign.”


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  • Consistent #5320

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    EVERYDAY #5324

    Well, now the Trumpbots can shut up. One of their complaints is that Ted Cruz is so hard to get along with, he doesn’t have one endorsement from his Senate colleagues. I think this one makes two; he already has Mike Lee’s. The others are too afraid of Mitch McConnell or don’t want to lose their payoffs from the Democrats.

    liberty #5367

    Being from Colorado, I am actually surprised that Cory Gardner would endorse anyone.
    He ran as more conservative than he as acted so far and seems to avoid taking a vocal stand on anything that is too far out of the mainstream.

    He is new to the gig so I have been withholding judgement.

    Victoria #5372

    The problem with the endorsements Cruz is getting, is, he needed these endorsements months ago. We are near the end of the primaries and most people have already made up their minds who they will support.

    This is why I think these late endorsements are about: The ones making the endorsements are looking for a payoff. Think about it for yourself – if you are in a legislative body and you endorse someone you think may/will become the president, it would be good for you to have that candidate beholden to you. You have a strong link to the president. If you need something, he will at least hear you. You didn’t endorse anyone at the beginning because you didn’t know if he would make it to this point. You waited until close to the end, so you would perhaps pick the winner.

    liberty #5376

    You could be right. It could also be that the establishment knows that Trump could destroy the party and and guarantee a Hillary win.
    I think early on that they were surprised by Trump and didn’t realize what was happening and assumed that Jeb was inevitable.
    I hope it is because they believe that Cruz can win if nominated and that they will put their money behind him.

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