Siding With Trump Is The End Of The Conservative Movement

Source: Daily Wire | April 22, 2016 | Ben Shapiro


But there is a second assumption that must be made in order to back Trump to stop Hillary: that Trump will not pervert conservatism itself.

That assumption is blatantly incorrect.

It’s not merely that Trump is a leftist. He is, but conservatives could simply point that out and then hold their noses. It’s that a solid contingent of conservatives, desperately in search of a leader, are willing to follow Trump in hollowing out conservatism. So, for example, we’ve seen heretofore conservative Trump supporters championing mass-murdering abortion ring Planned Parenthood because Trump did it. We’ve seen heretofore conservative Trump supporters embrace Trump’s economic protectionism because Trump did it. Now we will see the establishment massage itself into quasi-support for men peeing next to little girls.

How far will this go? As far as Trump will take it. In 2012, I wrote of Mitt Romney:


The same holds true of Trump now, but more so – and more dangerously so, since Trump hijacks not merely conservatism but the anti-establishment wing of the Republican Party to push leftist positions far more consistent with establishment Republicanism than conservatism. And Trump, unlike Romney, demands personal loyalty, not merely the loyalty of convenience.

So, should anti-Trump forces sit down, shut up, and vote Trump? Only if they want to contribute to the continued dilution of conservatism into a meaningless word that can act as a mask for leftist policy.

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  • Consistent #4970

    ConstitutionalConservative #4973

    I will never vote Trump if it comes down to it I will do my duty to vote and write in Cruz by that time Trump will be so exposed even more so than Hillary already is, for the first time a write in candidate could win handily.

    I am confident it won’t come down to that there will be a contested convention and Cruz will win, then we will see Trump campaigning for Hillary, the nightmare won’t be over until November, actually until Jan 20th when Cruz is sworn in, we’ll just have to put up with the rioting Trumpanzees and the Hillary socialist brown shirt shills until then.

    rgintn #5026

    trump is unmasking himself as a lefty monthly. Now he’s admitted to supporting tax increases. He’s already admitted supporting single payer.

    In a debate between him and hitlery trump will out left her. the democrats will have a candidate in trump to vote for if she gets indicted.

    mostlyhomebound #5029

    I will not vote for stump. Ever. I will choose from among the many innocuous third parties, probably libertarian.

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