Simulated 'Convention of States' is source of hope for government reform

Source: The Hill | October 10, 2016 | Mark Meckler


But recently, I saw something that gave me hope.

It happened in Williamsburg, Va., where my team at the Convention of States project organized a simulated Article V Convention of States. If you haven’t heard about the Convention of States from Mark Levin, Jeb Bush, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, or Sheriff David Clarke — all of whom have endorsed the plan — it’s a way to restrict, restrain and limit the federal government through a mechanism laid out in the Constitution itself.

Because no such convention has been called in modern times, we decided to try it out.  

As the commissioners from all over America showed up — every state including Hawaii and Alaska sent delegates — I stood in the halls and listened to history being made. It sounded like a man with a very New York accent discussing the Supreme Court with someone from Mississippi. A Virginian challenging a Californian about the best way to achieve fiscal restraint. A Tennessean talking to a Pennsylvanian about term limits.

Because these representatives come from all over the nation, they are able to understand the best ways to help salvage this great nation.  The commissioners came up with proposals over the three days that we were together that could actually make a difference in this nation.  


Our Founding Fathers gave us the option to call this Convention of States in Article V of the Constitution, and eight states have already passed the application.

For the first time in American history, we have a real plan to bring the federal government back to its Constitutional bounds.

Now, that’s a sentence that has never been written before 2016 either. Let’s try to tune out the drama of this campaign season and actually do something that can save this nation.

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