Socialist Sweep New Hampshire

Source: American Thinker | 2/10/2016 | C. Edmund Wright

Shortly after Barack Obama swept into the White House while giving Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid a coattail Marxist Congress, Newsweek Magazine ran the cover “We’re all Socialists now,” based on Jon Meacham’s lead article with the same headline.  Without a doubt, the election of that president and that Congress moved reality closer to Meacham’s point.  It was astonishing that liberal apologist Meacham admitted as much.


We can all agree that Senator Sanders is of course a socialist.  He’s said it, proudly, loudly, and often.  A good percentage of our precious safe-spaced Millennials think socialism is great, and they think Bernie is great.  And apparently many of them are trying to decide between Bernie and…Hillary.  No, wait, Bernie and Trump!

And why not?  Trump has flirted with socialist talking points and ideas for decades, including quite often recently.


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  • plewis #785

    Trump is nothing more than a socialist. Period.

    EVERYDAY #786

    I think this is what young people want — 2 liberal socialists fighting it out. I’ve tried to explain to Trump supporters why Donald is not as conservative as he might seem, but all they have in rebuttal are slogans (“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”) They don’t really care about his financial support of Democrats and the Clinton Foundation or his positions on abortion or his expressed support for single payer health care.

    Actually, they want a Republican who is just as socialist as they are. They’ve been indoctrinated in commie public schools to embrace socialist candidates because socialism is the way to go.

    And they are attracted to Trump because he is a celebrity. The media has taught them to embrace celebrity. Ever notice that most tv news isn’t about issues at all? They will even classify some drunken celebrity’s entry into rehab as breaking news. So the kids will just follow the celebrity without knowing or caring who or what he is.

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