State GOP leaders crush 'Never Trump’ rebellions

Source: Politico | May 14, 2016 | Kyle Cheney

Across the country, state party leaders are pushing activists to get in line.


In Nebraska, this meant overwhelming passage of a resolution that indirectly scolded conservative Sen. Ben Sasse for leading the #NeverTrump movement and scuttling a countermeasure to condemn “degrading remarks toward women, minorities and other individuals” by presidential candidates.

In Maryland, it meant the ouster of a veteran Republican committeeman — Louis Pope — by Citizens United chief David Bossie, a conservative activist who’s close to Trump and who is closely associated with the rise of super PACs in American politics. Bossie has been a longtime ally of Trump and represents an early look at how Trump’s takeover of the party could reshape it for years.

In Arkansas, it meant packing the state’s national delegation with Trump allies and granting them influential leadership positions to shape Republican Party rules and policy doctrines at the convention.


Sources in Ted Cruz’s orbit had suggested the Texas senator would still be a factor in delegate battles over the weekend, flexing his muscle among conservative activists to try and retain a position of influence at the national convention…..


There were, of course, lingering indications of discontent. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan skipped the Maryland GOP convention and hasn’t backed Trump, according to the Baltimore Sun. In Texas, Cruz’s father Rafael earned a delegate slot. In Nebraska, former GOP chair Mark Fahleson — a top ally of Sasse — was selected as well.



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  • Consistent #6199

    Truth will Prevail.

    mostlyhomebound #6201

    The takeover of state parties by the anti-christ trump makes it that less likely that we former Republicans will return to the fold.

    We will wander in the desert until someone espies an opportunity to form a new fusion party that would provide shelter to those of us who are disaffected and orphaned.

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