Steve Deace: It's time for Gollum to give up the precious

Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | May 26, 2016 | Steve Deace

It’s time for Gollum to give up the precious. We’re losing everything, and won’t win again until we do.

Your Republican House, after sitting on a bill that would’ve protected religious liberty for months, has voted tonight against your religious liberty. Declaring open war on believers so that men with a severe psychosis can shower naked and use the bathroom with our girls.

I really cannot come up with any good current reasons to be a Republican. So I’m not. It’s like staying with a denomination that abandons God’s Word. At this point I’m not sure why anybody who believes in our way of life would go to that convention in Cleveland, except to overthrow this whole scam and burn it down.

We have gotten less than nothing from voting for these people, and the good ones we got elected are so dramatically out numbered they are literally wasting their time. Just biding their time in between betrayals by people in their own party.

It’s why I worked so hard to get somebody at least remotely righteous elected president, so they’d be in a position of power to try and overcome some of this and give us a chance. I leveraged everything I had, including several friendships, for this cause. But alas, too many of our countrymen decided on a wannabe tyrant instead.

Wrongly believing it takes a cancer to defeat a cancer. When all you did was spread even more cancer. And now that cancer has divided the very remnant willing to take a stand. Arguing with each other over whether or not to sign up for a cancer we think we can control, while some of us recognize this cancer is actually controlling us. Causing us to become exactly what we claimed to oppose, and advocate for what is contrary to ourselves.

In short, we are in a dark place. The hole is getting deeper. So I’m going to put down the shovel and stop digging.

I don’t know what comes next. But I do know that until we let this farce crash and burn once and for all we’re not going to find out. Whatever it is it can’t be any more of a failure than this has been.

However noble our motivations might have been when this movement started, it’s obvious this isn’t how God intended us to do it. For not only has the Word returned void, but we created even more enmity between us and the culture. Truth has even less value in this culture than it did before we engaged it. That’s not the way this is supposed to work when you serve the only undefeated being in the universe, who can even turn worldly losses into eternal victories.

Except this time we just lost. Period.

And we got exactly nothing for it in return. In fact, the politicians we alienated friends, family, and neighbors for betrayed us and aided and abetted our adversaries. Most of the worst punches to the gut came from the people we empowered ourselves.

Please, I beg of you if you are a leader of principle, don’t cast your pearls unto swine in this election. We have so few leaders left. Don’t waste your integrity on a lost cause it’s clear Is not of God. Instead, stand still, as Moses commanded, and wait for the salvation of the Lord.

The sooner this idol burns the sooner something righteous can be built in its place.

Please share if you’re willing to put down your shovel, too.

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    slhancock1948 #6518

    WOW! Things are happening fast. Our past glory is dying in the flames of sexual deviancy and every perversion known to man, abortion being related as it is a product of mostly the desire for sexual freedom without the consequences.

    We have ridden this deviancy to our soon destruction. I really don’t think it’s going to matter who wins now. America has chosen against God. PERIOD.

    However, that said, I agree with Steve, that we must stand still and let God do His will. Whether He raises up another godly leader just in the nick of time, or whether He brings us to our knees unceremoniously and with great humiliation…who knows.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    NancyR #6520

    I’d like more specificity in the article. Steve uses general terms, which can be interpreted in more than one way. What is he saying? What “movement” should we stop trying to promote? Is he urging the few good elected officials we have left to stop “wasting their time” and resign? If the “idol” is the Republican Party, is he telling the non-Trumpers to stay away from the convention, just let the Trump cult and enablers do whatever they want with no cry of opposition? If so, okay.

    Consistent #6527

    Steve Deace didn’t say that we should stop the movement to turn the country back to God-centered, Constitutional country as founded. He just said that we lost this time and plead to the rest of Conservative leaders who still have integrity to hold on to our principles.

    What we can do now is to wait on God and be steadfast to God’s Word, good. We will see what God’s will is in due time. My opinion is that the evil is being stirred up to the surface to be destroyed. It’s a harvesting time to separate the wheat from the tares.

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