Steve Deace: So the liberal media has officially gone "rectum, barely knew him"

Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | June 6, 2016 | Steve Deace

Some days you just have to give the devil his due. The liberal media just pulled The Sting on the GOP, and it’s a sight to behold. They did overtime to get Trump this nomination, and right on cue have turned on him mercilessly.

Just look at Joe Scarborough, who went Trump fan boy even before Hannity did. Even giving Trump an extra prime time town hall to compete with Cruz getting one on CNN during the most competitive part of the primary (CNN had given Trump one the night before). Now his coverage of Trump could best be described as “rectum, barely knew em.”

This is now repeating itself everywhere. Like they didn’t cover Trump’s “Mexican judge comments” when he first said them months ago, but they’re covering them relentlessly now. Even to the point of getting Trump shills like Newt Gingrich to distance themselves.

I’d like to be sympathetic, but when Ditch McConnell goes on TV yesterday and says in the face of race baiting the only value he has is winning, well then fire up the Scott Joplin ragtime music and pass the tub-o-corn.

I’m calling shotgun.

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    It is not like those of us who are conservative didn’t predict this coming, it was far beyond obvious what the media was/is and will continue doing. And the trumpanzees scream you can’t stump the trump.

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    I knew from the get-go that Trump was jumping in to prevent Cruz from winning and the GOPe can feign disdain over him all day long, if they want, but it’s really the truth. They encouraged the pundits to go after Cruz to take him out, or keep him from getting air time. From the get go, this whole charade has been to keep the conservatives from winning. Had Trump not entered, this race would likely be between Perry, Rubio and Cruz. I just felt that with all the so-called ‘hesitation’, Trump and the GOPe was playing us so we’d think that Trump was not their choice, to enforce the sham that he was an outsider. NOT.

    I hope that CA goes for Cruz tomorrow. Set Trump back a bit and make him realize that even though he has the so-called votes, he might not have the real delegates. Since the delegates are NOT bound ethically, and ethically CAN choose who they want, then this is the time for conscientious delegates to do the right thing. There will be a ruckus, and there will be some anger, but better now that when they get handed a trouncing by Hillary.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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