Steve Deace: This might be the biggest story of the 2016 general election…

Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | May 28, 2016 | Steve Deace

This might be the biggest story of the 2016 general election nobody is talking about

In an election there’s fake big news that makes tongues wag, but has no impact on the outcome. There’s real big news. And then there’s news that most people gloss over, but is a big reason why things turned out the way they did on Election Day.

The news this week that Trump is essentially out-sourcing his GOTV operation to the RNC is that kind of news.

First of all, its further evidence he will not make a hefty personal investment in the campaign, and I don’t think that’s a good move for him. Given his high name ID and persona, Trump doesn’t need to spend a billion of his own money (presuming he’s that liquid) to win in November. But a few hundred million of his money to offset all the negative coverage he is and will receive even more of could be enough to inoculate himself against Hillary, given how damaged she is. And it doesn’t seem as if he’s even willing to do that.

Second, it puts to bed the narrative his cult has been propagating for months that he’s a “self-funding candidate” with no strings. Yeah, not so much. That also takes away one of his outsider “trump” cards.

Third, by funneling his campaign through the RNC he is funneling it through the GOP establishment, who doesn’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to winning presidential elections. It means Trump will continue to run on personality and not issues, because that’s how the establishment rolls. But remember one of my maxims: when elections are about issues Republicans win, and when they’re about personalities Democrats win.

Fourth, the RNC is largely financed through the same outlets and donors the NRCC and the NRSC are funded through. This means down ballot Republicans are going to be directly competing with Trump for attention from donors. Making it harder for them to survive if Trump fails this fall. As well as tougher for them to differentiate themselves from Trump’s controversial comments, when hundreds of millions of dollars of Democrat dollars pour unto our TV sets this fall linking them to Trump.

Fifth, by out-sourcing his campaign this way, Trump increases the likelihood of a fall campaign of back-and-forth “leaks” depicting a divided campaign (which you’re already seeing). As “unnamed sources” at the RNC and inside Team Trump use the media to grind their axes when/if things don’t go well. And every campaign has moments when things don’t go well.

Sixth, it also signals Trump is just planning on winning the general via media coverage and not a serious ground operation. Aside from his own flaws, the biggest reason Romney isn’t president today is the Democrats’ superior ground operation. And the general election is not like a primary, when an individual state(s) get weeks or months of exclusive coverage all about them. Here you have to have all 50 states ready to go, all on the same day. It is a daunting task to set up and coordinate. The political equivalent of the Normandy invasion. And this time he won’t have Fox to carry him across the finish line. If anything, Fox is a liability in a general. Its total viewership is only about 3-4% of the electorate, and its GOP shilling convinces your base you’re winning when you’re not. So complacency and false narratives set in.

Seventh, it also sends a clear signal that Trump has set up his fall guy if/when he loses this fall. After destroying the conservative coalition, dividing evangelicals, and imploding the GOP on his way to the nomination, Trump will now just say the Republican Party cost him the presidency come November 9th. And the media will give him all sorts of time/coverage for weeks if not months to make that case, further driving the wedge within the GOP. A Trump loss this fall will likely cause heads to roll at the RNC, including Reince Priebus, for they will have no one to blame but themselves. Always remember the first rule of Trump self-actualization: it’s never his fault.


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    slhancock1948 #6559

    Maybe he’ll ask Ted Cruz for a loan!

    Trump has run a campaign based on cult personality, not on ability or strategy, other than to slander your opponents until they drop out. This is a mess, but like the article stated, it somehow won’t be his fault.

    I have to say that it is painful to be a republican, and after this election I seriously don’t think I can go on as one. This election has shown the true contempt for the conservative base. It is time to leave and form another party. They have moved on from conservatism and don’t want to represent us any longer.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #6561

    I am going to vote for the Libertarian candidate. That person will be determined tomorrow, Sunday, at the Libertarian convention.

    EVERYDAY #6562

    I am going to vote for the Libertarian candidate. That person will be determined tomorrow, Sunday, at the Libertarian convention.

    Was a Libertarian at one time after starting out as a Democrat. Alas, the Libertarian Party is liberal on social issues, but it does believe in less government and is generally more conservative on other matters than either half of the Uniparty. You could do a lot worse in this election. I doubt you will be alone. I think we will see a very significant percentage of voters voting third party or writing in a candidate this year.

    ConstitutionalConservative #6563

    As Cruz said Hillary or Trump they are on different sides of the same coin… anyway you toss it, however many times you flip it, it will always come up heads you lose or tails you lose.
    The world has run amuck and as a nation we are choosing to run with it.

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