Steve Deace: Top 10 signs the conservative movement may be in trouble

Source: Conservative Review | February 21, 2017 | Steve Deace

10. The Republican president tweets about the loss of his daughter’s department store clothing line, but tweets nothing about a state Supreme Court unanimously declaring itself above the First Amendment to the Constitution.

9. Almost no big names in the conservative movement/media call upon that same Republican president to address the issue altogether. Despite the fact evangelicals like Barronelle Stutzman are one of the main reasons there’s a Republican president in the White House in the first place.

8. One of your movement’s signature events decides to make a self-admitted moral reprobate — human click bait — its keynote speaker. Then when video comes to light showing him advocating for the disgusting practice of pederasty, the event’s head honcho doubles down to defend his awful decision. And only after a public outrage is the decision finally reversed, which means it wasn’t reversed on moral grounds but in response to a PR backlash. Begging the question: Why did the people running an event that Reagan once urged its attendees to “serve selflessly a vision of man with God,” invite such a reprobate in the first place?

7. The self-appointed gatekeepers of your movement determine the credibility of a Supreme Court nominee via Chevron and not Roe v. Wade.

6. The same conservative leaders who issued multi-page white papers warning about the danger of Obama’s executive order promoting the Rainbow Jihad, say virtually nothing in public when his Republican successor leaves it in place.


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  • Consistent #13813

    ConservativeGranny #13818

    Conservatives were too tied to the GOP. I left the GOP years ago. Hopefully more are waking up. The GOP no longer represents conservatism or conservative values.

    Leaders like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz really have no future in the Republican party. They will receive little to no support from them.

    Woodcutter #13820

    CG, I think you are right; It’s so frustrating, though, that they have so much power, and keep going for more. And the true conservative values don’t seem to stand much chance of prevailing.

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