Steven Crowder Officially Files Legal Motion Against Facebook Requesting Info…

Source: Louuder with Crowder | May 10, 2016 | Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder Officially Files Legal Motion Against Facebook Requesting Information


…. As a matter of fact, this simple, legal petition for information was a long-time coming. Recent events have only required the timeline be sped up. Below is the official statement and motion filed by my legal representation. I encourage you to read it in its entirety so that you will understand, this is an issue regarding transparency and the trust of business clients (as well as users), NOT merely “censorship” which Facebook has the right to do.

It’s high time people stop complaining and somebody do something about it. Well, here we go…

Dallas, Texas—In light of the recent allegations brought to our attention by Michael Nunez and, Steven Crowder is taking steps to determine what, if any, legal action is necessary to address the assertions that he has been targeted by Facebook for suppression due to his conservative political commentary.

The story coincides with, and now potentially provides an explanation for, Facebook’s mismanagement of payments made to Facebook by Mr. Crowder and its woefully biased and unprofessional treatment of his accounts during an ongoing billing dispute. Simultaneously, Facebook has chosen to avoid any transparency in the ongoing removal of certain political posts by Mr. Crowder, ignoring all requests for explanation of purported policy violations. These issues have been ignored by Facebook and its Legal Department despite repeated attempts to resolve the issue on his behalf. Facebook’s ongoing refusal to take action regarding their clear-cut, inexcusable financial errors has necessitated that preliminary legal steps be taken. 

It is fully understood that Facebook has every right to curate any content they so desire on their platform. However, Facebook’s bullying methods of operation in tandem with both the long-standing evidence of misconduct and the allegations newly brought to light require further investigation given the direct financial ramifications on business clients acting in trust with Facebook. 

As part of this investigation, a petition for pre-suit discovery has been filed in Dallas County, Texas seeking discovery from Facebook regarding the actions of its News Feed curators as well as its billing department. A copy is attached. Mr. Crowder is confident that Facebook will promptly and transparently address the request for information.



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