Stop Comparing Trump to Hitler: He's More Like Nebuchadnezzar

Source: Soshable | 8 March, 2016 | JD Rucker

There’s one thing that truly separates Donald Trump from Adolf Hitler. Both rose through fear and lies. Both were narcissistic. Both were authoritarians. However, Adolf Hitler was evil. Say what you will about Donald Trump, but his self-serving delusions of grandeur and failures of leadership represent a bad President, not an evil one. Comparing them without acknowledging this extremely important portion of their character is, as Trump would classify it, completely unfair.

Perhaps a better comparison would be to compare Trump to ancient Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar II. Bible readers might point out that it’s not exactly a more flattering comparison; Nebuchadnezzar would have people killed because they couldn’t accomplish the impossible. However, that was a different time and based upon what we know, I believe that Nebuchadnezzar was misguided and didn’t respect the sanctity of human life beyond how it could be used to serve him, but he wasn’t evil like Adolf Hitler.

In the Book of Daniel, we learn a lot about Nebuchadnezzar. He was a mighty leader who wielded his power well. That’s not to say that he wielded it properly by any means, but he built great things (like Trump) and was able to leave his personal trademark across the land (like Trump). The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were his Trump Tower.

Nebuchadnezzar also had a penchant for condemning others as losers just because they weren’t born into the privilege that he enjoyed. He once demanded that his advisers not only interpret one of his dreams, but actually recall what he had dreamed without him telling them anything about it. He was out of touch with reality; even when his advisers told him that what he asked was impossible, he continued to make his demands and threatened them with their lives.

He surrounded himself with the smartest people he could find (like Trump) and used them as extensions of his own wisdom. As far as his people, he demanded that they worship his idols regardless of their heritage or background, condemning those who held different beliefs.

In the end, Nebuchadnezzar failed to realize that everything he had thought he built himself was actually done by the Grace of God. His lack of humility was punished harshly.

Donald Trump isn’t part of the donor class, though he’s used donations to get his way. He’s not a part of the oligarchy, though he can call on the oligarchy at will to do his bidding. He’s best described as being part of the “entitled class” (not to be confused with the “entitlement class” that fills our colleges today) of people who believe that their way is the only way because they’re due respect for their accomplishments. This is where the resemblance to Nebuchadnezzar comes most squarely into view.

I may not support Donald Trump, but I would never compare him to arguably the most evil leader of the modern world. It’s not only an insult to him. It also gives him more credit as a manipulator than he deserves.

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  • slhancock1948 #2298

    I agree with him. It is unfair to compare him with Hitler. For one thing, Hitler was a lot more in control of himself publicly than Trump is. The other is that even though Trump is despicable, there is a difference between that and Evil.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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