Target CEO Blames Weather For Tanking Business…No, Seriously

Source: RedState | May 22, 2016 | Brandon Morse

Because it couldn’t possibly be anything else


The American people responded, and as can be expected, Target’s ship has begun to sink. Not only did well over a million people sign the petition to boycott the store, the stock is slipping into the drink. Fewer and fewer people want to shop there, because frankly the store is unsafe. Especially to women who can’t carry a gun into the restroom a man just followed them into, and no one can save her should something happen because Target might sue the rescuer.

This all seems pretty obvious, and in no way confusing. People don’t want to shop at Target, because Target is a bad place to shop.

This apparently isn’t obvious to the CEO, though. According to him, nobody wants to shop at his stores because of – and I can’t believe I have to report this – weather.

I’m not kidding. Target CEO Brian Cornell told the Wall Street Journal that the reason sales are down is because people just don’t want to go out and buy stuff because it’s raining outside in some parts of the country.


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  • Consistent #6429

    CA Surveyor #6430

    Stick a fork in them

    ConstitutionalConservative #6434

    Strange how there is stormy weather an eternal dark cloud exclusively over Target, must be globull warming because it certainly can’t be because the store is a safe place for pedophiles and assorted other perverts to pursue their very special rights without fear of reprisal.

    EVERYDAY #6437

    If I remember correctly, when Penneys nearly went bankrupt after its decision to embrace perverts, the company blamed a no-sales policy that was in effect about the same time (the company would no longer have sales or offer discounts). So the no-sales policy was rescinded, but Penneys still hasn’t recovered — all because it won’t admit to the real reason the retailer is swirling the bowl.

    If Target sticks to the weather theory, it will find out, perhaps too late, that many shoppers will not abandon their principles for a bargain.

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