Ted Cruz ad revisits a controversy from Kasich’s governorship of Ohio

Source: Politifact | 12 Apr 16 | Nadia Pflaum

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s campaign came out swinging directly at rival John Kasich for the first time in a TV ad. The attack ads are getting more direct, as the delegates in contention dwindle.

This ad presents a series of facts to suggest that Kasich, as governor of Ohio, orchestrated shady deals to benefit his friends and campaign funders.

“Right before John Kasich was governor, he collected $611,000 from a Fortune 500 corporation,” the ad says. “After Kasich became governor, that same company received $619 grand in state tax breaks for job creation. But last year, the company laid off 100 Ohioans, even as its CEO cut a half-million-dollar check to Kasich’s super PAC. John Kasich, not for us.”

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  • ConstitutionalConservative #4334

    Kasuck gets payback for his nefarious attacks on Cruz!

    EVERYDAY #4336

    Well, Kasich won’t be President. Even if the party somehow engineers his nomination at the convention, few people will vote for him. Welcome to 4 more years of liberal socialism.

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