Ted Cruz Announces Addition of Finance Team Members

Source: Cruz News | March 8, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – With surging momentum following recent wins, Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today announced 13 additional members of his national finance team from former supporters of Senator Rubio, Senator Paul, Governor Perry, and Governor Bush. These additions bolster the evidence that Republicans are continuing to coalesce and unite behind Ted Cruz. After racking up two blowout wins on Saturday, now totaling 6 victories, the Cruz campaign has announced raising a total of $70 million and had their biggest fundraising day to date, raising $1.5 million after Super Saturday.

“We are seeing incredible momentum around our campaign,” said Cruz. “I am thrilled to welcome these new members to our outstanding team. This race is winnowing down between two candidates and this is further testament that conservatives are continuing to unite behind this campaign.”

The following are the new members of the Cruz national finance team:

Neil and Maria Bush – Houston, TX
Dick and Meg Weekley – Houston, TX
John and Ann Bookout – Houston, TX
Ashley Keller – Chicago, IL
Don and Mary Catherine Huffines – Dallas, TX
Phillip and Holly Huffines – Dallas, TX
Cecilia and Dr. Jim Leininger – San Antonio, TX


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    It is good to see that people see credibility in the Cruz campaign finishing the race well. Otherwise they’d be staying at home. Praise God! Waiting to hear the names of the senators backing Cruz!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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