Ted Cruz Announces Addition of Former Jeb Bush Finance Team Members

Source: Cruz News | March 3, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today announced eight former national finance committee members of the Jeb Bush presidential campaign have joined the Cruz for President National Finance Committee. Yesterday, the campaign announced it shattered its fundraising goals with more than $66 million raised to date, and had it’s biggest fundraising month since launching, with nearly $12 million raised in the month of February. To date, the Cruz campaign has earned 225,000 donations, with an average of $52 per donation.

“I am excited to welcome this outstanding new group to our finance team,” said Cruz. “They arrive at a pivotal time for our campaign, as the field is winnowing down to a two-person race. I am honored to have such an impressive committee. It is yet another sign that conservatives are coalescing behind our campaign.”

The following are the new members of the Cruz national finance team:

The following are the new members of the Cruz national finance team:

Paul Dickerson – Houston, TX
Boyden Gray – Washington, DC
Charles Foster – Houston, TX
Reginald J. Brown – Washington, DC
Paula and Jim Henry – Midland, TX
Nancy and Randy Best – Dallas, TX


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  • Consistent #2018

    Victoria #2022

    Consistent, here is what I think after Romney’s speech today.

    I listened to Romney and he set up a way to stop Trump at the national convention. He said vote for Rubio in Florida, Kasich in Ohio, Cruz in other states. That would keep Trump from getting enough delegates at the national convention. I am absolutely sure, after Romney’s speech, every state Republican Party will be notified as to what to do at their state convention to keep Trump Primary voters from becoming national delegates.

    Here is what could happen at every state Republican convention when they select delegates to go to the national convention. We did this exact maneuver in the Texas state convention in 2012. Ron Paul did not suspend his campaign so he was still viable at the national convention and was working to get as many delegates as he could to that national convention in order to change our national platform to be the way he wanted.

    Paul had people show up at their precinct convention to be appointed delegates to the state convention so they would be chosen to go to the national convention.

    When Texas had their state convention, it was my job to find out who were Paul delegates so we could prevent them being chosen delegates to the national convention. They were extremely easy to find – they were all young men dressed in a suit and tie. Those of us who went to convention for years, knew how hot it was and how many miles would be walked through buildings to get to various meetings. Experienced men and women all wore light weight comfortable clothes. Paul delegates stuck out like a sore thumb. We did not select any of those Paul well dressed young men as national delegates – we shut down Paul.

    At the Republican state conventions across the nation to be held in May or June, those running the convention could strive to elect delegates who voted for Rubio if that is who the establishment wants to win at the national convention (I would hope they choose Cruz; they might want Kasich). Remember, however, Jeb Bush suspended his campaign, did not close it so he is technically still a candidate.

    At the national convention in July, Trump would not get enough delegates on the first ballot because he did not have enough after all the primaries. The delegates would be bound for the first ballot, but after that they could vote for whomever they wanted. They will vote for the person their Republican state party officials told them to vote for and that person becomes the candidate.

    Again, I am positive, after hearing Romney, the above is what he and the GOPe National Republican Committee is going to try to accomplish.

    slhancock1948 #2029

    Let me get this straight…if I am a delegate, and am assigned to go to the state or nationals to vote from Trump because he won our state, I could actually vote for Cruz? I did sign up to be a delegate. There is a meeting the 19th. They will choose the delegates then.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #2046

    If your state has had their primary, they know how many delegates each candidate has. Let’s say Trump won all the delegates. When the delegates are chosen at that state convention, they may have voted for Cruz personally, but that doesn’t matter to get elected as a delegate. Then those delegates go to the national convention and must vote for Trump on the FIRST ballot. If Trump does not win enough delegates on the first vote taken, those delegates, on the second ballot, may vote for any candidate they want. They would most likely change their vote to Cruz if that is who they chose when they voted in the primary. That is the way another candidate would be chosen instead of Trump and that is what they intend to do and had Romney start it off with this speech, telling voters to vote for Rubio in Florida, Kasich in Ohio, and Cruz in other states – keep Trump from getting enough delegates to win on the first ballot at the convention.

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