Ted Cruz Bodyguards Speak Out, Reveal Cruz’s True Character

Source: glennbeck.com | April 13, 2016 | Ted

When Ted Cruz visited Glenn’s house on Tuesday, Glenn took the opportunity to thank Cruz’s security detail for the job they’re doing, keeping the presidential candidate safe. Then, he put them on the spot with a question only they could answer.

“Is he the real deal behind the curtain?” Glenn asked.

Having a personal security detail himself, Glenn is well accustomed to situations where the most private moments are on full display to bodyguards. Glenn elaborated during his radio program on Wednesday.

“You want to know who I am, you talk to my security detail,” Glenn said. “They know me because they’re with me at my worst and my best, and they see me behind stage and on stage.”

Because they have a non-disclosure, security personnel aren’t supposed to answer questions like the one Glenn asked. That being said, it was the manner in which they responded, more than the words they spoke, which told Glenn everything he needed to know.

“You can tell by the way people answer or don’t answer,” Glenn said.

Watch the video to hear Glenn describe the experience or read the transcript below.


And I said, “So tell me, is he the real deal behind the curtain? Because I’m never going to see the real deal behind the curtain. In his worst moments, is he the real deal?”

Immediately, without hesitation, they turned to me — we’re standing kind of in a line. They turn to me and walk in front of me and look me in the eye, and one of them — the first one said, “I have done this for a long time. I’ve protected all of them. I have never seen a man like him. No matter where he is, no matter what shape he’s in, no matter how tired, how pissed off, no matter what the scenario, I’ve never seen a man as consistently true as him. He says the same thing to your face as to your back. I’ve never seen him inconsistent.” And the other guy just kept shaking his head and said, “This guy is the real deal. He’s the real deal.” I thought that was —


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  • Consistent #4375

    rodamala #4380

    A college roommate of a HS friend of mine, upon graduation, applied for and was accepted into the Secret Service… this is back about 15 years ago or so.

    Every so often we would have a big party or wedding and this guy would be there. He had the calmest demeanor, was not really the talkative sort of guy, and we all treated his employment as a “don’t ask, don’t tell” thing, but inevitably someone would get drunk enough to start prying.

    One friend, at a bachelor party soon began to insist that he be shown some Secret Service “takedown moves”. The guy in the SS just was in no mood and let the other guy babble and keep drinking. Soon it got to the point that every 2 minutes he was whining, “Aw, COME ON, show me how they trained you to take down a guy coming at the president”. The SS friend was beyond tolerant of the drunken fool, but eventually, after about 45 minutes of whining for a demonstration, WHAM!!! out of the blue, he took one completely drunk friend down to the ground like a sack of potatoes, and put him in a submission move in about 83 milliseconds, flat. We were all ROARING with laughter.

    Anyways, at another party a few years after that, we had all heard that he had been assigned to the Hillary detail. It was the same deal, “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. But it was an Oktoberfest party, after all, and everyone was lubed up pretty good.

    Eventually “The Question” was asked about what it was like being on the SS detail for Hillary. He was completely silent on the issue, as expected… but just like Glenn described, the answer was more in the way they don’t answer that reveals so much. You could tell by his body language that he wished every day he was given a new assignment… it was almost that trapped look like Christie had on stage standing behind Trump.

    Victoria #4384

    I live with Bob. He is an earth scientist/geologist, but in his earlier years, he was a wrestler in high school and college, then he volunteered for the service, was physically and mentally tested, and put at the pentagon, in the CIA. Then, at some time, he was taken to Camp David into the mountain there (there is a 5 story building inside that mountain), and tested as a prisoner to see how long it would take before he would “break” and be willing to say anything to stop the treatment they were giving him. They were recording all this to add to their data as to how long a person could stand it. He didn’t know day from night, there was darkness and bright light and all manner of noises and complete silence. To keep from going nuts, he built structures in his mind. He was blindfolded and lead around to rooms and ask all manner of questions to see if his memory was still there. He lasted 29 days before it was too much. They were going to stop at 30 days, so he was one day short of it being over but he had no idea how many days he had been there.

    He had to learn ways to stop an assault on him or someone else. He can kill you with one finger. One day, he took me to the floor in a second and I could not move from the hold he had on me. His wrestling maneuvers gave him an advantage over the others when they went through this training. When he left the CIA he was sworn to secrecy for 25 years.
    He looks like an ordinary guy but he isn’t.

    silver pines #4389

    Wow…interesting posts on this thread!

    Rodamala, Hillary detail? Your friend deserves some drinks and then some.

    Victoria, your Bob is…well, I was going to say impressive, but it’s beyond that. Holy cow. You will always be safe when you’re with him.

    silver pines #4391

    Consistent, I heard Beck speaking about this earlier today.

    I enjoyed the entire segment, and I think we all pretty much suspected the truth about Cruz from the beginning. 😉

    Beck started the segment by saying that a remarkable change has come over Cruz lately….concerning the election, he is intense and driven, yet calm and very assured of the results. When asked about it, Beck said, Cruz will say, “Everything is going to be fine. We’ve got it. We’re going to win.”

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