Ted Cruz Fires Back at Marco Rubio in Spanish at Republican Debate

Source: Time | February 13, 2016 | Maya Rhodan

The Texas Senator had some words in Spanish for Marco Rubio


Cruz had again accused Rubio of supporting “amnesty” in the U.S. Senate, accusing the junior Senator from Florida of saying so in an interview on the Spanish-language television network Univision.

That’s when things got nasty—and bilingual.

“I don’t know how he knows what I said on Univision because he doesn’t speak Spanish,” Rubio retorted.

Cruz then responded in Spanish, taunting Rubio. “Ahora mismo, díselo en Español si tu quieres” the Senator from Texas said, which roughly translates to “Right now, say it in Spanish. If you want.”

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    slhancock1948 #1054

    Rubio thought that he could get away with pretending to have changed his mind on immigration, but his speeches to Spanish-speaking crowds belie his own words. That is what Phyllis Schafly called him on, as well as running as a died in the wool hardliner on immigration reform. It did not take him long to bond with the Gang of 8 to be the speaker for the group, with Chucky Schumer smirking in the background.

    Wonder what Trump and Palin are not calling Rubio a liar?

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    silver pines #1072

    Does Rubio not think through the things that come out of his mouth? His stuff is so easily refutable. Cruz takes him down, time after time.

    I’ve had more than enough of Marco.

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