Ted Cruz in Kansas City: 'I'm Running to Be the President of All Americans'

Source: PJ Media | March 12, 2016 | Debra Heine

During his press conference following a campaign rally in Kansas City on Saturday afternoon, Senator Ted Cruz said that responsibility for the tone of a campaign “starts at the top,” and made the point that he is running to be the president of all Americans — not just conservative Americans.

Asked if he was concerned about the political atmosphere that is developing on the Republican side, where protesters now feel emboldened to shut down rallies, Cruz said that “no protester has the right to carry out violence, no protester has the right to threaten violence. And the First Amendment protects all of our right to speak. But it doesn’t protect your right to silence others. So we’ve seen protesters show up that are trying to shout down the speech, that are trying to disrupt — and that’s wrong — it’s abusive. It’s something the Black Lives Matter movement has pushed.” Cruz added that there are allegations that the Bernie Sanders campaign has been trying to disrupt campaigns, too. “That is wrong. Nobody has the right to silence the free speech of Americans,” Cruz declared.


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