Ted Cruz leading among delegate candidates in Colorado GOP convention

Source: UPI | April 2, 2016 | Eric DuVall

DENVER, April 2 (UPI) — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appears positioned to take the most pledged delegates out of the Colorado Republican convention set for April 9.

The Denver Post reports a majority of delegates will seek to go to the GOP convention uncommitted to any candidate.

Colorado sends 37 delegates to the GOP convention, but will not hold a statewide vote to determine how those delegates are apportioned. The party had planned a straw poll that would have been binding for the delegates, but later canceled the vote. Instead, the party will hold a convention to determine how to apportion its 13 statewide delegates.

Another 21 delegates will be awarded based on the winner of party votes being held in each of the state’s congressional districts. Those votes are being held throughout the week.


Cruz has said he plans to speak at the convention. Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have not said whether they will attend the event in Colorado Springs.

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