Ted Cruz Looks Like a Genius Now

Source: Political Storm | August 11, 2016 | Sam Stevens

Ted Cruz drew the ire of much of his party during his primetime speech at the RNC, in which he opted not to endorse party nominee, Donald Trump, and instead infamously implored Republicans to “vote their conscience” in November. His non-endorsement sent the GOP convention into chaos and the fallout from Republicans of all stripes was swift. The prevailing opinion was that Cruz committed political suicide by not falling in line behind Trump. Now, all of a sudden, Ted Cruz looks like an absolute genius for thumbing his nose at Trump.


The thinking behind Cruz’s speech wasn’t all that complicated. Cruz calculated that Trump’s odds of winning the White House were so long and the candidate’s wholesale lack of interest in policy, his self-adulation, and his overall volatility were going to lead to a massive loss on November 8. He figured that Trump was so toxic a candidate that there was little net benefit to his own political future to hitch his wagon to someone who could implode at any time.

We are just a few weeks removed from Cruz’s speech, but even so, it looks like Cruz was right on the money. Instead of sharing in the embarrassment and shame that Trump has brought on the Republican Party in recent weeks, Cruz instead must be saying, “See, I told ya so.”


The ironic thing here is that the biggest criticism against Cruz is that HE is the one with the reputation of alienating the Republican brass. The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump has so alienated Republicans of all stripes that it really defies explanation. Just recently Cruz’s own colleague, Sen. Susan Collins (R-MA), joined the ever growing list of elected Republican officials who now openly oppose Trump’s candidacy.

There are still more chapters of this year’s presidential race to be written, but two things have emerged as strong likelihoods. Donald Trump is likely to lose this race and he is likely to embarrass the Republican Party in the process. Heck, he’s already done the latter in spades. The political fortunes of those who remain on the Trump Train will be tarnished, perhaps irreparably, along the way. Except for a certain senator from the Lone Star state who may have boldly saved, not ruined, his political future with his snub heard ‘round the political world.

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