Ted Cruz Might Be The Real Winner In New Hampshire

Source: Daily Caller | February 10, 2016 | Matt K. Lewis


So the really interesting point is that I think the big winner of the night is Ted Cruz. The primaries are about to head South, which is Cruz country. Unlike other Evangelical candidates who win Iowa but can’t parlay that into more, Cruz’s respectable finish in New Hampshire demonstrates that he’s not simply a regional candidate.

If you think about what happened on Tuesday night, Cruz swapped a serious rival (Rubio) for a guy who likely is a one-hit wonder (Kasich). That’s a trade he will take every day and twice on Sundays. Because the “establishment” lane is now muddled and muddy (even Jeb Bush is looking better these days!), there is a real danger that mainstream conservative voters could begin to coalesce around Cruz as the best, last hope to stop Donald Trump.

We’re not quite there yet. There’s still a chance that someone else could emerge. Maybe Rubio pulls out a surprise win in South Carolina? It ain’t over till it’s over. But we are getting dangerously close to entering a stage where it becomes a Trump vs. Cruz race.

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