Ted Cruz On God's Blessings for America

Source: Soshable | 5 March 2016 | JD Rcker

Ted Cruz has been one of the only candidates who has stood by his faith unabashedly throughout his adult life. He doesn’t just use religion as a campaign tool. Instead, he has a faithful belief in the role of God in our lives and for our country.

We’ve seen what can happen to the country after eight years of a President who does not hold a Biblical worldview. That’s not to say we need a theocracy; on the contrary, true believers know that the only theocracy that can work will happen after the Second Coming. However, a nation that elects leaders without faith becomes a nation against the faith. This is playing out very clearly around us today. We cannot make the same mistake again.

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  • slhancock1948 #2214

    From the very beginning, when we first heard about Ted Cruz when he was still attorney general or assist…whichever, we liked what we saw. He’s not a perfect man…no one is, but he knows the One who is and he lives up to his Christian testimony more than any public official I have ever witnessed. He is consistent, he believes what he believes without reservation. He cannot be easily swayed, but he listens. IF he sees that a position he has taken is wrong, he changes, but he makes it clear why. WHO else do we see do this, especially on a national stage? Even many of the best of pastors have been disappointing at times in their lives, or their positions on things.

    I feel that he is a godly man, and if we turn to him as our leader, and he keeps his eyes on Jesus, we’ll do okay. We’ll have a reprieve from the judgment that we all know IS coming. Question is, do we want it sooner or later?

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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