Ted Cruz once bought 100 cans of soup, and other facts about him and his family

Source: Washington Post | April 14, 2016 | Katie Zezima

Sen. Ted Cruz, his wife Heidi and their daughters Caroline, who turns 8 Thursday, and Catherine, 5, participated in a CNN town hall Wednesday night. Moderator Anderson Cooper and audience members asked about Donald Trump (Cruz said he and his aides are acting like “union boss thugs” and threatening delegates), policy and whether Cruz has chosen a vice president (no, but the process has started). 

The Cruzes also got personal, revealing interesting snippets about themselves and their lives. Here are a few:

1. Ted Cruz once bought 100 cans of soup

When Ted and Heidi Cruz returned from a honeymoon in the Caribbean, Ted went to the store by himself. When Ted arrived home, Heidi was surprised to discover that he had purchased 100 cans of Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

“Different kinds,” Ted Cruz said. “Some chicken, some beef, you know. …”

The next morning Heidi Cruz woke up before her husband, drove to the store and returned the soup. She called her mother, who asked if she planned to cook. Heidi said both she and Ted are terrible cooks. So she promised to go back and re-buy the soup.

Apparently Ted Cruz still likes soup. In a “25 things you don’t know about me” with US Weekly, Cruz wrote, “When I’m away from the family, in Washington, D.C., my dinner is a can of soup. I have dozens in the pantry.”

2. He likes “The Godfather: Part III”


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  • Consistent #4446

    silver pines #4462

    I looked at my husband last night and said, “What is it with you men and your Chunky Soup love?”

    Victoria #4469

    As a professional prepper, I say BUY MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF CANNED SOUP and MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF CEREAL AND BOXES OF INSTANT MILK. Okay, cans of soup sounds right but why the cereal? Think about the many kinds of cereal, such a variety! If you had gobs of boxes of different kinds, your taste buds wouldn’t get tired of the same kind. Variety is important in an emergency situation.

    Also, it wouldn’t take a lot of money to prepare for a fairly long time if you had different kinds of soup and different kinds of cereal and plenty of instant milk. You can make instant milk taste almost like regular milk by adding a bit of vanilla and/or put in a little powered creamer which thickens it up like milk and gives it a good taste. I have huge bottles of instant creamer just for that purpose, along with the boxes of instant milk. Do not get big boxes of loose instant milk. Get the boxes with one quart packages inside. The reason for that is the slightest bit of moisture will cause the boxes with loose milk powder to turn into a brick. The sealed one quart packages will not do that.

    So, Cruz is set for an emergency situation if he has all those cans of soup. He is a neat guy. Trump is a pos.

    Consistent #4470
    silver pines #4506

    So, Cruz is set for an emergency situation if he has all those cans of soup. He is a neat guy. Trump is a pos.


    It’s an undeniable fact. Cruz just comes across as (gasp!) so likeable.

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