Ted Cruz pulls off surprise win in Maine GOP caucuses

Source: Bangor Daily News | March 5, 2016 | Michael Shepherd

LEWISTON, Maine — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz dealt a blow to primary front-runner Donald Trump on Saturday by romping to victory in Maine’s caucuses.

It’s a surprising win for Cruz — the ultraconservative Texas senator’s first in New England — and likely a symptom of Maine’s closed caucus system and backlash from evangelicals against Trump, the ostentatious billionaire who is backed by Gov. Paul LePage.

He’ll get 12 of the Maine Republican Party’s 23 delegates to the national convention after winning 45.8 percent of votes. Trump, with 32.6 percent, will get nine delegates. Ohio Gov. John Kasich got two delegates with 12.2 percent. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio got 8 percent, finishing below the 10 percent threshold needed to get delegates.


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