Ted Cruz Slams Boehner Right Back: ‘He Allowed His Inner Trump to Come Out’

Source: Mediaite | April 28, 2016 | J.D. Durkin

Ted Cruz Press Conference

In the wild world of conservative politics in 2016, the in-fighting continued Thursday morning as former House Speaker John Boehner emphatically declared his true thoughts for Texas Senator Ted Cruz, calling him, “Lucifer in the flesh.”

For good measure, Boehner also doubled back with the always casual, “miserable son of a bitch” moniker to describe the man polling in second for the GOP nomination.


In response Thursday during a press conference flanked by his new Vice Presidential pick, Cruz responded directly to Boehner’s remarks, noting that the former House Speaker represents the Washington brand of typical politics the Cruz/Fiorina team is looking to bust.

Cruz remarked, “John Boehner didn’t abbreviate, he was more expressive. He allowed his inner Trump to come out.”


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    Victoria #5418

    Yes, he ought to be crying as he stared at the Pope. The real Boehner (I hate I know how to spell his name correctly – it means I’ve known about him long enough to know how to spell his name) is an alcoholic with gutter language. He has also golfed with Trump and he said they text each other. My friends, that is two of a kind – neither worth our time except Trump will finish destroying our country if he gets into the White House.

    Consistent #5422

    liberty #5444

    When I heard what he said about Ted Cruz today, I was disgusted. I have never liked the man and this is just another one to add to the list reasons to really dislike that man. He should have changed parties years ago.
    I would guess he only ever claimed to be a conservative when he was running for re-election because he isn’t one.

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