Ted Cruz Still Working a Ground Game in Several States

Source: RedState | May 12, 2016 | Susan Wright


Senator Cruz will be speaking at the Texas convention and has dispatched Tyler Norris, his state director, to the Texas Republican convention, in order to rally delegates to his side.

Of the eight states choosing delegates this weekend, Cruz has teams in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arkansas, Florida, and Wisconsin.

In Nebraska, where Trump – running unopposed this week – still lost 40 percent of the vote, Cruz’s campaign chairman, state Sen. John Murante, told POLITICO that there’s still an element of hardcore support for Cruz among the state’s GOP leaders.

“There will be a time to unite behind the Republican nominee. The general election is light years away,” he said, noting that he may not decide whether to support Trump until October.

That seems to be a running theme, as some prominent Republicans have chosen to suck up their principle and support the presumptive nominee, others are not so quick to buckle under pressure and admit defeat.

Cruz’s team is working to install several dozen of his backers into the 155-member delegate count in Texas, knowing that Cruz has support in the area, in general. He won his home state decidedly in this year’s primary election.

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    Victoria #6063

    It is important for Cruz to get delegates from Texas since that is where he lives (and I live). He needs that show of support to help his reelection for Senate in 2018. Getting those delegates will show Texas still “loves” him (the word “love” taken from Trump saying voters “love” him).

    I don’t think I ever heard a candidate saying voters “love me” until Trump used it over and over excessively. Trump does not know what the word “love” means. He “loves” himself and that is all. Without the words, “great” and “love”, Trump could not speak. Have I said I “detest” Trump and don’t “love” him? Well, it’s true. “Unlovable Trump”.

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