Ted Cruz swipes at Donald Trump in response to a protester

Source: CBS News | March 14, 2016 | Emily Schultheis

A protester interrupted a campaign rally for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Illinois Monday evening, and the candidate used the disruption as an opportunity to contrast himself with GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

“Go back to Canada!” the man yelled, referring to Cruz’s birthplace and the doubts Trump has voiced about his eligibility to run for president.

“Thank you for being here,” Cruz said. “One difference between this and a Donald Trump rally is, I’m not asking anyone to punch you in the face.”


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    Don’t you miss the old days?

    kleindropper #2650

    Cruz is working the “other” big states pretty hard which is smart. It also looks like he’s perking up in IL, MO, and NC. I think the best scenario is for Kasich to take OH and Cruz to sweep these 3 states. Florida is a lost cause; too many New Yorkers down there; Trump’s base seems to be the New York mob.

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