Ted Cruz tells an AWESOME story about his mom during the CNN Townhall [VIDEO]

Source: The Right Scoop | March 29, 2016 | soopermexican

This is a really great answer that Ted Cruz gives to the question about bringing women into the Republican party.

Check it out:

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    Cruz’s mother graduated from Rice University. Let me tell you about Rice University in Houston, Texas. It is a private university endowed with mega bucks by the man who started it. He wanted to give the cream of the crop, the above average intelligent students, a place to learn without costing an arm and a leg to go there. I know everything about Rice because my son graduated from there.

    They only accept 500 students a year. Only students with very high test scores and documented community service, are accepted there. My son’s test scores were so high, he was automatically put in Mensa. However, he would not have been accepted at Rice unless he had other credentials showing he had used his intelligence for something other than test scores. While in high school, he worked for NASA, volunteer, in the summers on the Water Quality of Clear Lake, making chemical tests everywhere on the lake. He was a fine chemist even in those high school years. He told me never to go in that water as it was not safe. :o) His major was Astronomy and Space Physics.

    Now, let’s talk about Cruz’s mother. At that time, there would not be many girls in Rice University. It was, and is, a science oriented university for gifted students. The fact his mother, in those years, even attempted to go to Rice, is extraordinary. She had to be gifted to get in and she graduated from there.

    I take my hat off to his mother to attempt what she did and succeed at it. She had to have intelligent genes in her body and Cruz got those genes.

    Ted Cruz is brilliant as is his mother. Trump is – who knows?

    silver pines #3468

    Marcella, you have an extraordinary boy. He got it from his mom. 🙂

    I didn’t know any of that about Cruz’s mother, nor about Rice University. I need to watch the video.

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