Ted Cruz: The Tax Basher!

Source: Townhall | April 18, 2016 | Rebecca Hagelin

Is your stomach in knots today? Happy Tax Day!


Just when you’ve had enough, enter Ted Cruz: The Tax Basher!

Under a Cruz administration, Americans will enjoy a “new birth of freedom” each Spring! Your family and our country will be in much better economic shape when the Cruz Simple Flat Tax Plan is a reality.  The individual rate of 10 percent will not only liberate families from tax stress, but will so simplify the system that the IRS can be abolished.  (For families who are struggling to make it, there will be no taxes at all if the income is less than $ 36,000 a year.)  Imagine the day when your tax return is the size of a post card; or think about how easy it will be to file your return through an iPhone app. Revel in the thought of getting to keep more of the money you earn by the sweat of your brow. Do a little jig as you consider that the IRS will be history!

For small business owners and large corporations alike, there will be a new Business Flat Tax rate of 16 percent. Gone will be the complex, unfair corporate income tax structure that favors big business. There will be no loop holes. No payroll taxes. No death tax.  No sweat. The antiquated, unfair, burdensome system will be replaced with a modern, simplified, streamlined process that is, for the first time, equitable.


So, as you slap the stamp on the envelope to mail that awful tax return by midnight tonight (or file that extension, yet again), do so with a song in your heart. The end is in sight! Go to TedCruz.org and print the image of the sample Cruz post card tax form and tape it to your mirror – and hand out a copy to everyone you know. Let it be a joyous reminder that you can kiss IRS-stress goodbye and welcome Spring with open arms when Ted Cruz is our president.

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    A few republicans have been trying to get a simple Flat Tax/Fair Tax in some form for at least the last 3 decades. Steve Forbes being the only former presidential candidate to make it a dominate campaign issue, after that it was considered a political death nail.

    Cruz is the only one who made the issue simple to understand and tough to argue against he does the same on every issue. Ted doesn’t just say what he wants to do he educates on why it needs to be done and how it can be done. He puts it all together not just throwing a bag of nuts and bolts out there; he assembles and presents the finished product. Teds approach to the issues are constitutional and simple, he keeps it that way and doesn’t allow the naysayers to make it complicated with all sorts of political gobbledegook, he employs that KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) you have to want to be ignorant not to understand it.

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    Cruz mentions doing your taxes on your I Phone. Great! Except…I have Samsung. Now if there was an app for Samsung and other types of phones, this would be perfect.

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