Ted Cruz to speak at Wyoming Republican State Convention

Source: Casper Star-Tribune | April 5, 2016 | Star-Tribune staff


The Texas senator will address delegates at the convention on the morning of April 16. So will former Alaska Gov. Sarah Plain, who will represent GOP front-runner Donald Trump at the event. Idaho Gov. Butch Otter will represent Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the other Republican still in the race.

More than 500 Wyoming delegates and alternates are expected to attend the convention, which runs from April 14-16 at the Parkway Plaza. They will elect 14 of the 29 national delegates who will represent the Cowboy State in July at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.


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  • Consistent #3995

    Ted Cruz is every where!

    ConstitutionalConservative #4009

    Yes Cruz is everywhere I can’t figure how he does it, he doesn’t have his own plane, he must be utilizing his Superman Cape.

    How long will it be before Trump accuses Ted through good friends at the National Enquirer (#TrumpLovesPecker) of unfairly using stolen other world alien travel technology, which includes an additional package designed to brainwash delegates. Then you will see all the trumpanzees doing the monkey dance and throwing feces everywhere.

    Just Saying!

    Victoria #4012

    As I have said before, if you are going to play a game you have to know the rules to win. The rules of politics is the state election law and Republican Party rules. Cruz learned all the various state’s election laws and the rules of every state’s Republican Party. The election law states how their elections are run. The Party rules of each state designate how delegates are selected and how they are bound or unbound. It’s all there for anyone to read.

    A yelling mouth of “Lyin Ted!” and nasty tweets in the middle of the night will not get you one delegate.

    These past two days, I am reading there is trouble in the Trump campaign – one against the other – a power struggle at the top. Trump is in a area of politics he doesn’t know, the rules regarding delegates in all states, so he is floundering, doesn’t have the expert(s) he needs, doesn’t know who to fire and who to hire. Fine, I hope he stays that way.

    silver pines #4014

    Yes Cruz is everywhere I can’t figure how he does it, he doesn’t have his own plane, he must be utilizing his Superman Cape.

    Isn’t it amazing? I’ve read about how terribly exhausting political campaigns are, yet every time I see Cruz, he looks fresh and completely well-rested. God’s keeping him going, I believe.

    Meanwhile, Trump has to fly home every night to his tacky gold plated penthouse, LOL.

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