Ted Cruz to thank delegates supporting him at the convention

Source: LA Times | July 19, 2016 | Seema Mehta

Sen. Ted Cruz, the second-place finisher in the GOP primary season, on Wednesday is scheduled to greet the hundreds of delegates who are supporting him at the Republican National Convention.

“Ted Cruz made a lot of new friends over the last two years, many of whom are delegates and the convention is an opportunity to thank and encourage them to continue working in the field to advance constitutional principles and candidates who will put those ideas into action,” said Ron Nehring, who served as a national spokesman and California chairman for Cruz’s presidential campaign.


Cruz is one of the highest-profile Republicans who is appearing at the convention but has not endorsed Trump.


Cruz is set to address the convention Wednesday evening. Earlier in the day, he’s scheduled to host the “thank you event” for delegates at a waterfront restaurant. On Thursday, he’s to speak at the Texas GOP delegation breakfast.

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  • ConservativeGranny #8301

    Yep, I looked at the speaking schedule and it looks to me like Trump wants every one of his rivals at that convention endorsing him. Kasich and Bush are missing and of course this must really tick off Trump. They will be punished for it politically. Will Kasich and Bush be the only ones left taking a stand against Trump? We’ll see.

    EVERYDAY #8302

    I hope Cruz does not endorse Trump, but I’m expecting it too. He is under considerable pressure to do so. I pray he can resist the pressure, but he’s human after all.

    As I’ve said many times, an endorsement won’t mean a thing to me. I still won’t vote for almighty Trump. I’m not a sheep.

    ConservativeGranny #8303

    So far I still plan on writing in Ted Cruz in November. But my opinion of him would change sort of like when Palin decided not to run the last time. It was a big let down.

    After her Trump support however I wouldn’t elect her dog catcher.

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