Ted Cruz Visits Charlie the Butcher

Source: YouTube | April 14, 2016 | WBFO (Nick Lippa)

Ted Cruz discusses wages and has Charlie the Butcher’s Beef on Weck sandwich after a Town Hall meeting at UB.

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  • Woodcutter #4658

    Yes, there really is a Charlie the Butcher and Ted Cruz had a long conversation with him while eating lunch.

    Some interesting facts:
    A typical beef on weck is made from slow-roasted rare roast beef that is hand-carved in thin slices, served on a kummelweck roll. The cut face of the top half of the roll may be dipped in the jus from the roast. Prepared horseradish is usually provided for the diner to spread to taste on the top half of the roll.

    The American restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings was started by former residents of the Western New York area and the original name of the restaurant was “Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck”, abbreviated as “BW3”, the third W referring to weck. The chain no longer serves beef on weck outside of Western New York and no longer uses the original name, but some still refer to the company with the extra “W” in its abbreviation.

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