Ted Cruz warns against brokered convention, offers to stop Donald Trump himself

Source: Washington Times | March 4, 2016 | S.A. Miller

Sen. Ted Cuz warned the Republican Party establishment Friday against trying to stop front-runner Donald Trump with a brokered convention, instead urging the party to get behind his campaign as the last hope to legitimately derail the billionaire businessman’s march to the nomination.

“If the Washington deal-makers try to steal the nomination from the people, I think it would be a disaster. It would cause a revolt,” Mr. Cruz told reporters at a campaign stop in Orono, Maine.


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  • Consistent #2111

    He said it again at CPAC conference.

    silver pines #2116

    Is anyone against the idea of Cruz uniting with Rubio?

    I have to wonder if maybe the two of them will form a unity ticket. I would be fine with it. Previously I would have said Rubio was out for me due to the Gang of Eight fiasco, but he’s been soundly whipped for it and may have gotten his mind right.

    To take out Trump and to obtain a Cruz win, I would like to see a Cruz/Rubio ticket. I hope Rubio will grasp the opportunity, and do it quickly. He could be VP for eight years, then run for president for another eight, and leave the White House at age 60.

    rodamala #2128

    Cruz/West 2016, period.

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