Ted Cruz wins three more delegates in Colorado, raising total to 12

Source: Denver Post | April 8, 2016 | John Frank

Ted Cruz is favored but Donald Trump is making minor play for national delegates

COLORADO SPRINGS — Ted Cruz continued his dominance in securing Colorado Republican delegates Friday, winning the 5th Congressional District’s three delegates.

In addition to those delegates, who chose to be bound to him at the party’s national convention in Cleveland, the Texas senator also picked up the district’s three alternate delegates.

The Republican presidential candidates are hunting for delegates in Colorado this weekend, where Cruz is looking to build on his lead and the other candidates are hoping to stop his momentum.

The state GOP is awarding 12 delegates to the Republican National Convention at four congressional district meetings Friday. The party will select the final 13 slots at the state convention Saturday, the final steps in Colorado’s chaotic caucus system that are getting renewed attention with the possibility of a contested convention on the horizon.

Cruz has now dominated the first four contests in the state — including one Thursday night — winning 10 bound delegates and two unpledged delegates who declared support for his campaign, according to state GOP Chairman Steve House. The Texas senator, who will speak at the state GOP convention, is expected to do well this weekend in his quest for the 19 bound delegates needed to claim victory in Colorado.


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  • Consistent #4076

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    EVERYDAY #4081

    Cruz is stealing delegates. LOL

    Trumpster meltdown in 3…2…1…

    Consistent #4085

    mostlyhomebound #4087

    And stump’s campaign has said if they get more than 0 delegates, they’llconsider that a kind of win. No wonder stump thinks it’s a winner. The bar is set so low.

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    Victoria #4111

    Today, Friday, I see the scroll going across TV that Trump is taking time off to run his company. Well, OK, Trump, you run your company while Cruz is in Colorado giving the keynote speech at that convention and moving around the other states in the west and southwest, giving speeches, racking up other delegates and his workers are into those states on the ground doing their thing to get voters to the polls when those elections are held and those delegates awarded.

    I am thinking Trump has reached the point, HE WANTS TO STAY HOME AND BE KING LIKE HE WAS BEFORE THIS ELECTION SEASON STARTED. I do not think he can do the job of US President EVERY DAY. He will not be his own man doing whatever he wants every day like his life has been before this. He just wants to win it and then go home. What a massive fool he is. There are some things money can’t buy and an intelligent reasonable discerning mind, thoughtful of others, is one of them. I don’t think he has one thought except for his own pleasure. He enjoys squashing anyone who has a different thought than his. I believe he is the worst example of a human being I have ever known about. I am not including career criminals I used to psychologically examine and counsel. They knew they were criminals, admitted it, but Trump has no clue how disgusting a person he is.

    CA Surveyor #4116

    You got it, Trump is a spoiled brat bully.

    The primary election has been his current toy of choice.

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